Allten offers the right solutions / Allten has the right solution

Your company building must satisfy very specific requirements. Through a detailed analysis of your exact real estates needs, Allten is in a position to present you several premises that will fit with the specificities of your business and its financial means. Using our extensive portfolio of properties waiting for a buyer/renter and by conducting an in-depth local or regional search, we will offer you buildings that fully meet your requirements.

Allten, a reliable partner

We approach every project differently. Indeed, we are convinced that every single assignment has its own specific requirements… and that our mission consists in meeting them. Our methodology is local or regional, which allows an immediate symbiosis with the realities of an increasingly targeted market. We also strive to tie strong links between owners and future renters/buyers, and we want to be seen as reliable partners in the aim of building a long-term relationship with every client.

Allten, a wide range of services

In addition to creating connections between owners, renters and buyers, we offer our corporate clients a wide range of services that will increase the attractiveness of the buildings for rent or for sale. We also define the most efficient manner to finalise the transaction. These internal or subcontracted services include:

  • Optimising surfaces to better identify real / genuine and realistic expectations
  • Thinking about new technologies, energy saving solutions, changed standards
  • Underlining the legal and financial dimensions of every individually apprehended project
  • Putting you in touch with qualified individuals who will answer your questions

Allten, a differentiated approach…

  • Through our clear vision of the markets for a perfect alignment with your expectations.
  • Through the integration of standards, new technologies and the evolution of company needs.
  • Through our constant search for new properties, which ensure that we always meet your requirements and their evolution.
  • Through our vision of the future of the property market allowing us to anticipate your needs and guide you in the long-term.